Activity 2 : Select a film session with two other people

  • Identify the criteria that allow you to make a choice: (e.g. film releases, interest, budget, screening schedule, mobility);
  • Adapt these criteria to each participant;
  • Collect information on films that match the different criteria;
  • Make a list of films and screenings corresponding to the criteria (from most to least preferred);
  • Consult and choose;
  • Make a case for your choice;
  • Make a diagram showing the stages of the choice;
  • Write a sales pitch.
  • Analysing and processing information
  • Ongoing cinema programme - access to computer;
  • Traffic-Mobility Plan;
  • Budget of 10 euros per person (transport and screening);
  • A blank sheet of paper for feedback + markers

The activity consists of reporting on the process used to make a choice among several people and writing the arguments for the choice in a document (diagram, table).

This activity is done in teams of 3 or 4 people.

A time for feedback is planned.

Each team presents its methodology for responding to the assignment.

1.In a brainstorming session, the trainer can introduce the activity by discussing with the participants the issue of choice : what is choice? how does one make a choice? on the basis of what criteria or what information?

2.The trainer presents:

  • The objective of the activity: to make a diagram showing the stages of the choice and to write the argument;
  • The trainer distributes the sources of information (cinema newspapers, or websites...).
  • The trainer asks collectively how to make a choice: how, how to construct criteria...
  • Each participant or team gets to work and creates their own diagram.
  • The trainer asks each team to present their work (method, poster).
  • The trainer suggests that everyone assess themselves using the indicator grid.
  • The trainer launches a discussion on the interest of the activity and the quality of the criteria and the concept of consultancy.
  • How did you feel about this work?
  • What is the point of doing this activity?
  • How did you go about it? How did you carry out your information search and make a choice?
  • To what other situation, especially in the context of a workstation, can this information processing activity be compared?