Activity 2: Living picture

  • Participants will understand the concept of a tableau or living picture
  • Participants will communicate concepts or ideas through physical poses, gestures and facial expressions
  • Participants will explore their own values through kinaesthetic movement
  • Acting according to values
  • Analysing and processing information
  • Creating and innovating
  • Conveying and exchanging information and ideas
  • Collaborating with others in teams and networks

Participants will explore different values as related to the workplace through kinaesthetic movement

Introduce tableau to participants by explaining that a tableau is a frozen picture during a moment in time. Participants will be posing for the tableau given a specific context.

Let participants know that the topic of the tableau will be “Values”. 

Pair participants into groups of 3 but no more than 4. In a group they should position themselves in poses, gestures and facial expressions that indicate a value. They must be positioned in a way that the value is obvious to the audience.

If participants are having a hard time coming up with values, you may share some from the following list but keep in mind these are some examples and not an exhaustive list:













Participants should spend about 10-15 minutes preparing their tableau. Host should walk around and help out groups as needed.

All groups should present their tableaus. When each group is presenting, other groups should comment on the clarity of the frozen image and offer suggestions to make the presentation of the value as clear as possible.

Optional: The host can randomly ask each participant as they are in the frozen position what that character would be thinking of at that moment and the participant should speak in the first person.

  • Do you consider yourself as someone who has values?
  • Was the chosen group value a value you ascribe to personally? How did your agreement or disagreement with the value impact your feelings about the activity?
  • Did you have any group disagreements about the portrayal of this value? If so, how did that make you feel?
  • How would you rate the overall difficulty of this project and why?

Mixed age groups.

Discuss about the different values presented by each group. Do all the group members have the same understanding of their chosen value? Which factors affect their understanding of each value? Did their understanding change through the years?