Activity 1 : Roleplaying problems

To be able to analyse your problems and see it from different perspectives.

  • Managing negative factors in life and work
  • Analysing and processing information
  • Addressing problems and issues
  • Conveying and exchanging information and ideas
  • Supporting others

Paper with questions

This activity should be done in groups of 3-4 people.

First the participant works on their own and then present their problem to the group who gives feedback and suggestions. Then they make a roleplay to perform for the whole class. The class can give suggestions to solve the problem.

  1. The trainer divides the class in groups of 3-4 people.
  2. The trainer hands out a sheet with the following questions:
  3. Pick a negative factor in your life.
  4. Apply these questions to your problem:
  5. How important is it?
  6. What impact does it have in your life?
  7. How does the problem make you feel?
  8. What are the underlying issues?
  9. Break up the problem into parts that are be more manageable.
  10. How do you prioritize what to deal with first?
  11. Is it really a problem? Is it YOUR problem?
  12. Present your problem in a systematic way, following the sequence of the questions to the group. Get input from the group. Do they agree on how you handle it? Get suggestions on how to handle it differently.
  13. Choose one of the problems in your group and act it out in a roleplay for the whole groups. Ask them for suggestions to solve your problem
  • How did you feel about this activity?
  • What is the point of this activity?
  • Did you feel that this activity helped you with your problem?
  • What other type of problems do you think this methodology can help you with?

The exercise can be done with age mixed groups to learn from different experiences.