Practical Activity 1: Building sculptures, building teams!

  • Operating outside of the box
  • Exploring an infinite number of options
  • Observation with objectivity
  • Recognizing and appreciating the unique capabilities of each team member
  • Collaborating with others in teams and networks
  • Showing respect and consideration for others
  • Conciliating and negotiating

List of 5 famous monuments or sculptures of your locality or country

3-4 sets of rating cards with the words: “Great”, “Good”, “just ok”

Teams need to build a sculpture or a monument with their bodies. Teams will be rated according to a previously set criteria and awarded points accordingly. The team with higher score wins.

Divide the participants into teams of 3-5 people each.

The teams perform sequentially. Each team in the audience receives one set of rating cards, while the facilitator receives the last set of rating cards.

The scoring criteria are as follows: Articulation, Unpredictability, Believability, and Audience Impact.

While the performing team is positioned near the performance location, the facilitator names a renowned sculpture or landmark for the team to recreate.

The performance team has 3 minutes to arrange themselves and freeze before the facilitator says the name of one team member.

This member must next give a word or two that expresses his sentiments and explains his body posture in the sculpture or monument vocally and clearly.

This process is repeated until all participants are able to verbally convey their sentiments.

After the last individual has spoken, the facilitator calls cut.

The performance team is requested to take a seat while the other teams deliberate on how to rate the performing team.

Before revealing their rating, the rating teams provide a short explanation of their assessment of the performance.

The game continues until each of the teams has fulfilled their performance.

Following that is a feedback session.

The exercise's content is derived from the feedback .

  • How did you feel when discussing with your team members about the options on how to perform your sculpture or monument?
  • Did creative ideas come up?
  • Do you feel you were fair with the rating given to other teams?
  • Did you feel listened by your team members and otherwise?

Set two groups of learners, one with the youngest and one with the elder and see which of the teams has more capacity for collaboration in teams.