Be creative! project partners target to develop 4 main supporting materials:

– 1 Training kit, to be available in 7 languages:
The kit consists of a training programme and a set of practical resources; This includes teaching methods, approaches and materials to equip educators in their teaching activities in formal, non-formal and informal settings. The aim is to respond to the challenges of integration and inclusion through culture in educational offerings. It will include content adapted to the specific needs of the users and beneficiaries of the project.

– 2 Trainer’s handbook, to be translated in 7 languages:
The manual will set out basic concepts, definitions and innovative methodological approaches to using art & culture in classrooms and in non-formal and informal learning environments.
It will cover, among other things, how the training kit and its resources can be used effectively to help implement a comprehensive training programme.

For example, it will include

  • theoretical introduction, approaches and general notions on insertion and integration of vulnerable adults using art & cultural activities;
  • conceptual knowledge and methodological support;
  • good practices, successful and inspiring experiences;
  • proposed activities with dynamics and assessment methodologies and scenarios;
  • useful information, additional readings and recommendations.

– 3 Training pathways, in 7 languages:
Training pathways will be designed and adapted to beneficiaries’ needs with the possibility to enhance their experience and skills, takig the format of a practical ready-to-use online or paper “Portfolio”. It will enable the learners to put together everything they learned : they will not simply list them but comment them, explaining the difficulties they faced, the merit of certain methods that were chosen, those which they could transfer to other situations and those that are
their own, and even those that they have been able to use.

A portfolio Be creative! pathways show evidences of the development of the competences by the learner. The learner will have to show evidence of his/her professional development by choosing traces which indicate that development. Those traces can take different forms:
– resources that inspired him/her: readings, websites…;
– personal productions related to a training sessions (description of activities, preparation of training sessions, exercises…);
– scientific references related to the content, when useful (analysis grid, reference model…);
– personal illustrations such as videos, soundtracks, pictures, art productions etc.

This tool will assist learners to mobilize and combine their learning in the long run, and will give them the opportunity to be active in the realisation of complex art tasks that enhance their soft and transversal skills.

– 4 A e-learning hub, provision of 7 languages:
Be creative! e-platform is an open learning system where project materials will be uploaded and made accessible. It is aimed to both trainees and trainers to
raise awareness and develop knowledge about different elements related with the use of cultural activities in training processes, through interactive learning elements like scenarios, infographics, videos and/or gamification.

The Learning Platform will have several functions, helping to accomplish the following main objectives of the project:
– Repository of open education resources, offering an online space to launch the project developed OER outputs in an free and easy-access way ;
– promotional media to disseminate the project, its activities and outputs, ensuring maximum outreach, longer impact and sustainability ;
– networking tool, shared by participants, stakeholders and other relevant and/or interested organizations, aimed at multiplying the effect of dissemination and exploitation ;
– dissemination hub : source of relevant information, content, resources, methodologies on using cultural activities in training settings addressing insertion and integration of vulnerable adults, aimed at creating awareness about its relevance and usefulness.