Be creative! project aims at supporting opportunities for all to acquire and develop social competences in order to promote employability, socio-educational and personal development, as well as participation in civic and social life.
It will therefore support and reinforce the development of key competences for all individuals throughout life, including critical thinking and creativity, cooperation in arts and learning to learn competences.

Moreover, Be creative! project partners will contribute indirectly to extend and develop competences of adult education professionals while improving methods and tools through the effective use of innovative solutions : the creation of an androgogy method and training resources will enable them to build participative, empowering and emancipating training sequences.

It will also contribute to the following areas within:

a) the New European Agenda for Culture – COM (2018) 267 – which acknowledges the social and political challenges Europe faces today and aims at contributing towards European cohesion and integration through culture. The first objective of the Agenda is harnessing the power of culture for social cohesion and wellbeing. “The arts sector is possibly unique, in its contribution to Europe’s innovation capacity, and in being driven by a specialized workforce that is highly mobile across national borders” dixit the COM (2018) 267.

b) the renewed European Agenda for Adult Learning under the four strategic objectives identified by the Council in the Education & Training 2020 :

    • to enhance the possibilities for adults, regardless of gender, to access high-quality learning opportunities at any time in their lives, in order to promote personal and professional development, empowerment, adaptability, employability and active participation in society;
    • to develop a new approach to adult education and training which focuses on learning outcomes and learner responsibility and autonomy;
    • to foster greater awareness among adults that learning is a lifelong endeavour which they should pursue at regular intervals during their lives, and particularly during periods of unemployment or career transition;
    • to encourage the development of effective lifelong guidance systems.

Project partners will work towards improvement and expansion of the supply of learning opportunities by providing flexible learning opportunities tailored to the target group’s learning needs and by valorising competences acquired through non-formal and informal learning.
Be creative! project will propose learning offers adapted to individual learning needs, recognition of flexible modes of learning. It will develop a bespoke e-learning platform on global competence using art and culture for vulnerable target groups supporting them in terms of their social inclusion and career path, a flexible micro-learning path on global competence for both target groups, beneficiaries and users. The digital resources will be framed by European Qualifications Framework and offers a thematic breakdown of the various topics.